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Post by Jaymie Elderton on Thu Mar 31, 2016 12:20 am

Sometime over the holidays- it would be forgotten later on exactly where and when- Jaymie's roommate discovered something wonderful. The closet-portals, formerly used primarily for quick kitchen pantry access, could be controlled. With some effort, they could be used to access places outside of the castle, and at certain times, with luck, could even be used to access other realms.

It wasn't too long before Jaymie got suspicious of the boxes of Timbits, Cinnabons, red bean cakes wrapped in stuff with Japanese writing, and other branded confectionaries that found their way into their room. Not too long after that, Jaymie began studying astrology and refusing to explain to his friends why he was grinning so much.

About a week before it started, he snuck over to the girls' dorms to bother Hitomi.

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