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Post by Hideaki Motome on Fri Feb 05, 2016 5:05 pm

Player Name: Vi

Name: Hideaki Motome
Age: 35 years old
Grade and/or Occupation: He is one of the math teachers at Dunehelden. He teaches mostly Algebra, statistics and Calculus. He teaches the Academy students but will occasionally teach the college/university statistics class or Calculus class but he prefers to work with the high schoolers to help mold them into more useful members of society.  
Species: Human mage
Race/Ethnicity: Japanese
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: straight

Magical Powers/Abilities: If he is dealt damage by a blunt force he is able to store the energy from that and deal it back double. Like if he were to get slapped or punched or hit by a baseball bat he would be able to hit with double the force he was given. Also his magic has made his body more durable to take those kinds of blunt hits. It would take someone of Kazuo’s level to actually get him to feel pain from a good hook or chokehold.
Magical Weaknesses: His “dealing double” does not work with being shot or stabbed. A bullet is too fast for his magic to register and a stab has too small of a connection surface on his skin. Also he feels more pain from injuries that actually break the skin. Yes, papercuts feel worse to him. XD

Personality: He has two very distinct personalities: one when he is teaching/having to be in serious mode and then him casually. Occasionally one will blend a bit over the other. When he has to teach, especially if the class is troublesome he will become the iron law. He has a list of rules that are always on the wall of his class room and punishments to go along with the breaking of each rule. He has more of an old fashioned soul with acceptance of the modern times. So kids hate his punishments and detentions because he will make kids clean the dungeons, write sentences, reorganize rooms, scrape gum and the like. He says it builds character. But he is not always work with no play. He understands that his subject of teaching can be difficult and he tries to make it as enjoyable as possible. He will crack the occasional bad old man joke or do a dumb grandpa dance. But he swears that he is hip and with the young crowd, not wanting to admit that he is getting older.
When he is not teaching he is very fun loving and kind. He will be the kind to open a door for a girl but he won’t baby her. He respects and looks for inner strength and power, that is what draws him to people. That means that he does not tolerate laziness and rudeness. His sense of humor is normally blunt and dead pan. He also loves good witty puns. His favorite past time is to sit and read with a glass of scotch or sake.  

Backstory: Hideaki was the second born in the Aoiwara Yakuza family. His older brother was going to be the one to take over the family drug and people smuggling business so there was not too much pressure put on Hideaki at first. When he was younger he was trained to be one of the torturers and information gatherers until he was in his later teens when they discovered his other talents. He was already a really good fighter and when his mage power kicked in, it only made him more impressive. But he is the first one of his bloodline to get this particular power. He moved into being his older brother’s right hand man and was the person taking care of the books and regulating money allowing him to use his math skills. His signature weapon of choice are baseball bats. (He still has his first wooden bat which is hanging in a glass case on his wall with the few nails driven through is and blood stains.)
He fell in love with a girl that he met in high school called Rika. They dated for several years before he proposed to her when he was 23. She showed him what life could have been like outside of his family and his loyalty and determination began to waver. His father became furious and had Rika killed, not wanting to let his son lose sight of what was important to the family. A few years after Rika’s death Hideaki decided to leave the family, causing him to get into a fight with his entire family. His dad ended up stabbing him and leaving him for dead. Hideaki somehow managed to survive and changed his last name to “Motome”. He has been teaching for several years but this is his first year teaching at Dunehelden.  

Appearance: He looks straight up bad ass. He is ex yakuza after all. He has several tattoos and scars decorating his slightly tanned skin. His hair is a very dark rich black-brown that is trimmed shorter on the sides but longer along the top of his head and he has perfected his own form of the messy bangs. His eyes are a warm chocolatey brown that can be very inviting or absolutely terrifying depending on his demeanor.  He has broad shoulders and is very solid in his body structure. He is very muscular but not overly bulky. He is naturally left handed but through training he has made himself ambidextrous. He can write with both hands but he fights better with his left hand, when he does fight hand to hand. He also has to have reading glasses, so when he teaches he is almost always wearing them. His glasses are thin round frames.
He has a large back tattoo that goes from the top of his right shoulder across his back and down to his lower back of a phoenix fighting a large snake. Pieces of the flames in that tattoo extend to around his sides on his ribs. (Note: the phoenix is mostly on the right side of his body and the snake is on the left. It’s important to him) He also has geisha style portrait of his mother on his right upper arm/bicep area. A wind pattern with leaves extends from the top of his mother’s portrait and extends over his heart on his chest and ends under his right collar bone. In the wind tattoo directly over his “heart” area is his family crest symbol. He also has written in Japanese the phrase “Through pain we are made stronger” vertically down his right bicep.
His scars are as follow: Stab wound scar slightly off center from his family crest tattoo (left part of chest), stab scar on the palm and back of his left hand (Yes a knife has gone through his hand), a cluster of three bullet enter/exit wounds along his upper left abdomen and back, horizontal slash scar on his right thigh, long slash scar from just below his shoulder joint down to his elbow on his right arm (this scar is parallel to his text tattoo), scar running from the top of his right shoulder blade over his shoulder ending below his right collarbone, one an inch in front of his right earlobe and ends two inches past his jaw and he also has a notch taken out of his right ear.  

Character Model: Bang Yongguk

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