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Post by Giuseppe Tatum on Thu Feb 04, 2016 8:28 pm

Player Name: Keme

Name: Giuseppe Tatum (goes by her surname, please and thank you.)
Age: 23
Grade and/or Occupation: University Junior, psych major. TA for Professor Bolin, works at a daycare center in town on the weekends (helps with her interest in Child Psychology.)
Species: Human
Race/Ethnicity: French-Italian
Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: heteroflexible

Magical Powers/Abilities: Tatum has the gift of tongues-- she can acquire any language by kissing a native speaker. If someone is a werecreature, kissing that person will grant her the ability to understand and vocalize the communications of that animal. (For instance, kissing Jaebi will allow her to speak in cat.)
Magical Weaknesses: This does not work for languages learned later in life. A person must be a native or fluent speaker.

Personality: Tatum strives to give the appearance of a calm, collected individual who has definitely never tried to end her life by swallowing an entire bottle of pills. She's an intelligent, playful girl, and though she prides herself on keeping a positive outlook in general, there are times when she retreats within herself and cannot seem to keep that twinkle in her eye that she's generally known for. She strives to keep others comfortable, and hates to see others left out. She adores children, and has such faith in their ability to view the world with an accuracy and whimsy that escapes adults. She wants to be a child psychologist, but still harbors a soul-deep love for dance. She gets emotional when she hears certain musical scores and can often be heard humming quietly to herself as she wheels around the castle.
Backstory: Tatum's grandfather was the prestigious ballerino Giuseppe Alexander Tatum (Why yes she is named after him.) Tatum's life revolved around dance as a child, and was well on her way to being a professional herself-- she was involved in many high-profile stages, worked with a handful of international dance companies, and by seventeen her face was as recognizable as her grandfather's legacy. At nineteen, she was traveling to perform in London, driving with a few friends to sneak in some down time since her perpetually busy schedule did not allow for much playtime with other teenagers. There was a terrible crash-- Tatum was the only passenger in her car to survived, and she sustained a spinal injury that negated the use of her legs. Tatum was devastated, and her grandmother did not help-- the woman may or may not have come to regard Tatum's career in dance as a way to celebrate the life of her late husband, and with Tatum's life in dance ruined... Well, grandma was never the nicest woman to begin with. Without dance to bond over, Tatum was pushed off to one side and regarded more as a chore than anything else. Tatum attempted to take her own life by swallowing a bottle of pills, and if her grandmother had not been home to hear her fall from her chair, Tatum would have succeeded.
A year later, the Carnival Nocturne rolled through Tatum's hometown. Tatum would not have known about it if she wasn't sent a ticket-- a little black slip of cardstock, embellished with silver, than proclaimed Tatum as a V.I.P. And promised that the Ringmaster would grant her a gift if she so wished. Tatum managed to find herself at the fairgrounds and was greeted by the ringleader himself-- Eztli placed upon her a spell that granted her the gift of tongues, and offered her the chance to get away from everything. Given how her life had turned since the crash, Tatum readily agreed.
After spending a season with the Carnival Nocturne, Tatum settled in the town of Lakeshore to begin her college years at the age of twenty.

Appearance: Tatum is confined to a wheelchair-- were she able to stand, she would be about 5'10”. Her skin is pale and unblemished, though she tends to get rosy in the cheeks when startled or exerted in any way. Her eyes are dark enough to be considered black and are oddly reflective, and catch the light in a way that makes them twinkle. She wears a septum piercing, but when working with children she will flip it back into her nose. Her hair is a mass of loose, steel-colored curls, and she prefers to wear her makeup in a classic pinup style. (Her lipstick collection is just... it's a work of art, guys.) Her voice is quiet and velvety, but she's fully capable of calling out with a strength and vigor that would make Pat Summit proud. She carries a very mild accent that makes her words soothing and liquid, and she keeps her nails well-manicured and immaculately painted. Her only tattoos are a set of three bars on her right index finger, each representing the lives of the friends she lost in the crash, and the roman numerals for 11 04 2003, which is the date of her grandfather's death.
Other Tatum has a pet-- a munchkin Scottish fold kitten named Liliana.
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