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Player Name: Gussu

Name: Neylen
Age: 21
Grade and/or Occupation: University Junior
Species: SOME KIND OF BIRDMAN (of the Fae variety)
Race/Ethnicity: (or apparent race/ethnicity) Neylen is kind of odd as he has unnatural hair and eye colors but, skin tone-wise he appears closest to Indian.
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Magical Powers/Abilities: He can fly, and run into glass, and go days without having to stop talking. Neylen is a Hawkling, at least partially. He has the vision of a hawk as well as the speed in the air. Meaning that he can see things about eight time as clear as a human and from up to 100 miles away if he has nothing obstructing his vision, his dives can reach 200 miles an hour at fastest speed.
Magical Weaknesses: He can fly, and run into glass, and go days without having to stop talking. It all balances out really.

Personality: Loud. Neylen is always loud, and excited, and happy. He is always full of energy and always positive no matter what the situation. He usually acts kind of dumb, but anyone who knows him well enough knows that he is a lot more intelligent and thoughtful than he puts on.

Backstory: Neylen is the product of and old aristocratic Sidhe Fae family and a kind of Fae called Hawklings whose job it is to patrol and keep peace among the the borders of the Fae kingdoms. He visits his Sidhe family but does not live with them and due to that blood and the Hawklings need to be completely impartial he does not live with the Hawklings either, though they have always openly treated him as family. Since he was very young he's lived in Auntie Tulip's Roost in Lakeshore with his 'brothers', other bird children who needed a home.
On one visit to his brother, The Sculpter, at a party he noticed a different glow in the chandelier than he was used to. After the party when everyone had cleared off he flew up to the chandelier to discover a sixteen year old girl trapped there. Neylen is not about that shit so he helped her escape.
After some gallantry and only the classiest of flirting on Neylen's part and poor judgement on Aye's thee years later found them dating.

Appearance: SOME KIND OF BIRDMAN. Neylen is 6'2" and well built. He has dark skin and crayola red hair and wings. He has human shaped eyes with hawk pupils that are also red.


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