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Post by Hoshi Satou on Mon Dec 21, 2015 12:38 am

Player Name: Bre

Name: Hoshi Satou
Age: 36
Species: Human
Race/Ethnicity: Japanese & Korean
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight-ish ???

Magical Powers/Abilities: Hoshi is skilled with illusions, both in creating them and in seeing through them — literally and metaphorically. He is also well-versed in magical theory and history, and is quite knowledgeable about faerie magic, particularly glamour.
Magical Weaknesses: Hoshi is weak with healing magic, as well as other types of biological magic.

Personality: Hoshi is level-headed and intuitive, and has a skill for seeing through lies. He's fond of puzzles, symbols, and dense, difficult to unravel stories. He's terrible at using a stove, but makes a mean sushi roll. He's extroverted, and makes friends easily and often. As a professor, he's laid-back and humorous, but works tirelessly to see that his students succeed.

Backstory: Hoshi's parents died when he was five when a storm overturned the cruise ship they were vacationing on, leaving Hoshi and his infant sister to grow up with his aging grandparents in Sapporo, where their family ran a small sushi café.

Hoshi realized his aptitude for magic when he was only seven. Unlike many mages, Hoshi's discovery of his magic was a quiet, secret thing. If asked, he couldn't even pinpoint the exact moment when his magic manifested; he can hardly remember a time when he was without it. He often used it to play tricks on friends and family members, and apart from his sister, no one else ever knew.

Well, until much later, anyway.

When Hoshi was eighteen he entered an exchange program at his university, which brought him to an exchange program. And, more importantly, to a girl named Cassandra. A fiery-tempered Romani girl with wild blonde hair, Cassandra caught Hoshi's attention right away. And he caught hers, though not for the same reason; he later learned that Cassandra had a talent for seeing the currents of magic. She could see its ebb and flow, and knew right away that Hoshi was something more than he seemed.

Despite their attraction to each other, Hoshi's time in the states ran up at the end of the year, and he lost contact with Cassandra, though not for lacking of trying, at least on Hoshi's part. When it came time for him to continue in grad school, he had long since decided to move back to the states and study there, but even still, Casssandra remained elusive. Disappointed, but suspecting that she did not want to be found, Hoshi stopped looking.

After several years of teaching English literature at a high school in Seattle, and having met no one else (besides Cassandra) who shared his affinity for magic, Hoshi received a strange letter in the mail telling him he had been accepted into a teaching position he hadn't applied for in a town and school he'd never heard of teaching, among other things, magic.

It's been a lot to take in, but Hoshi has been taking it all in stride.

Appearance: Hoshi stands just over 5'8", about average for a man, with slate-gray eyes and short cropped black hair. He has strong features, and a slightly crooked smile that is equal parts mischievous and kind.
Character Model: Kim Sung Soo

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