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Post by Angel on Tue Dec 01, 2015 11:03 pm

Player Name: Smoke/Green/Mark/that one

Name: Just go with Angel. It's easier.
Age: 19
Grade and/or Occupation: University Freshman, sort of
Species: Human
Race/Ethnicity: Indian
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual (Arospec somewhere)

Magical Powers/Abilities: Shapeshifter. Well... technically. Technically he's a wolf, and could turn into a wolf if he learned how. Effectively, though, his powers are granted by a patron who has decided they're a little different. Normally he has some magical athletic abilities; he's not much stronger or faster than he otherwise would be, but he can do things like climb things he shouldn't be able to, keep a grip for an unusually long time, or balance on a railing without much effort. (This is a bit more impressive combined with his entirely natural talents and efforts.)

When he shapeshifts... there's some wolf in there. Mostly it's flashy lights, followed by silvery futuristic "armor" with stylized animalistic bits resembling a wolf, smallish wireframe-and-gossamer wings, and a fancy headpiece that is clearly not a tiara. His abilities increase, allowing him to do things like run across thin branches, leap a dozen or so feet into the air, glide dramatically, and run up walls. His hearing and sense of smell are also heightened somewhat (about halfway between normal-human and an actual wolf's), and the armor provides some protection.

Magical Weaknesses: His powers are a little more directly granted than usual. His patron can't remove his powers entirely, but they do require significantly more energy and concentration to activate when not actively being used to do something like defending the innocent or fighting evil, whatever that means. Since he seems to have... trouble... following directions, his patron has sent someone to watch over him in the form of a tiny, adorably terrifying flying cu sith puppy. Said cu sith has the ability to dampen his powers if they think he's being an asshole, among other annoyances.

The armor is also penetrable to both unalloyed silver and cold iron, and being bound by either material would also dampen his powers.

Personality: Angel would be a good strategist or a decent engineer were it not for his temper. He's bright, patient, confident sometimes to the point of overconfidence, and has a strong but currently-unaimed store of willpower. He finds it hard to trust people, and once he meets someone he actually likes, tends to spend a lot of attention on them.

Backstory: Angel was born and raised in Toronto with his parents and his sister. It wasn't an exceptionally happy childhood, though it wasn't entirely terrible, in part because his aunt's family were always around and were very nice people.

About a year ago something very bad happened and he attracted the attention of his patron. Seeking to learn more about his powers (and to find something to do now he's graduated) he found his way into Lakeshore and is now attending university classes. Though he's not technically enrolled...

Appearance: About 5'11", slim frame, dark skin and eyes, long straight black hair in a whiptail. Likes hoodies.


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