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Post by Baram Morgan on Tue Dec 01, 2015 6:12 pm

Player Name:Vi

Name:Baram Morgan
Grade and/or Occupation:Academy Senior. No Occupation as of yet.
Species: human mortal, partially turned Changeling
Race/Ethnicity: He appears to be partially Korean but he grew up in the Uk and has a bit of an accent still lingering. (or apparent race/ethnicity)
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight

Magical Powers/Abilities: Baram's power more or less lies in what happened to him once he was captured by the Fae and began to be changed into a guard type Changeling. Baram has always been on the taller and stronger side but the Fae managed to mutate him into a unnaturally strong beserker class fighting machine.
Magical Weaknesses: Being a beserker Baram has several triggers: feeling like he is being restrained or being in small spaces, high pitched whistles, him seeing excessive amounts of blood and seeing as well as hearing the sound of heavy chains. Depending on the situation Baram has been trying to learn to calm himself out of some of his triggers but if they happen suddenly and when he doesn't expect it then he just snaps. His eyes seem to go blank and he will just attack whatever or who ever is closest to him with the intent to kill and he won't stop until someone knocks him out, kills him or knows one of the few ways to flip the switch to get him out of it. While Baram is in his beserker mode he becomes like another person and when he comes back to reality he generally does not remember what he did while he was in a frenzie.

Personality: Since escaping the Fae forest Baram is a bit timid and on the shy side. He can't stand the idea of himself hurting people and what has happened in his recent past has made him a bit fearfull and flighty. Baram is a bit of a loner and prefers to be with small groups of people if he is around any people at all. He doesn't trust himself around large groups yet. He is at his core a very generous and trusting guy with a heart of gold.

Backstory: Baram grew up with is Father and younger sister (Imogen) in the UK. His dad ran a mechanic shop that specialized in motor bikes. He often liked to go out to explore abandoned urban buildings in the citites at night with some of his friends. He thinks it was during one of those excursions that he got kidnapped. His memory is a bit fuzzy between what happened exploring buildings one night and finding himself in a strange forest environment with no one he recognized. He's not 100% certain what happened to him but he does remember the pain and torture and blood in the back of his mind. He is not sure how he escaped but he somehow did and was found around the border of Arcadia by Asher (profile to be coming soon) and Oakleigh. For the past several months he has been going through some serious training with Asher and Oakleigh and some other teachers to ensure that he will be safe to be around other students but Baram still does not trust himself fully.  

Appearance: He has a bit of a bad boy look to him. He is almost always wearing a very worn black leather jacket and prefers wearing boots to all other kinds of shoes. He stands at a hair short of 6' 1" and is very muscularly built, but it is especially noticeable in the stock in his shoulders and chest. His hair is a warm dark brown that almost always looks toussled and soft. His eyes are dark brown, almost to the point of being black and his skin is a bit more on the tan side.
Character Model: Jang Dongwoo
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