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Post by Rudy Kim on Tue Nov 24, 2015 12:20 am

Player Name:  Keme

Name:  Rudy Blue Kim
Age:  17
Grade and/or Occupation:  Academy Junior.  Works at the pet supply store/shelter in town.
Species:  half human, half reindeer fae (Tarandin.)
Race/Ethnicity:  Fae/Korean
Gender:  male
Sexual Orientation:  Bisexual.  Preference for feminine.

Magical Powers/Abilities:  Tarandin are known for their ability to shapeshift from a humanoid form to their animal namesakes, their immunity to cold, and their immense strength and thick skin.  As a halfie, Rudy's talents are milder versions of these.  He cannot shapeshift, but he is largely unbothered by cold temperatures.  He possesses inhuman strength on par with the Baratoges, and his skin provides impressive protection-- he cannot be bruised or scratched, and blades must be drawn across his skin in order to cut-- hacking or slashing will do nothing. Strong needles can pierce him with no issue.  
Magical Weaknesses:  As a halfie, Rudy isn't really hurt by cold iron, but it does cause him discomfort in the form of strong parasthesia, bouts of dizziness, and some disorientation.  He has a naturally volatile temper and this is exacerbated by his Tarandin nature during times of the year that mating seasons are happening in Arcadia.  Physical magic doesn't do much against him, but he is easily fooled by illusions.

Personality:  First impressions of Rudy tend to lean more towards a young man who is aggressive, temperamental and bull-headed.  He certainly has a hair-trigger temper, but Rudy tries to give people three chances before striking out-- he is very aware of his natural aggression, and does his best to keep that aggression from getting the best of him.  When he grows close to someone, he is fiercely protective of them.  No second or third chances for someone that attacks a friend or his mother.  He is also very loyal to those he loves.  If one puts in the effort to make Rudy a friend, they gain both a (subtly) affectionate companion and a (grandly) effective bodyguard.  He is pretty bad about holding grudges, though, and will not tolerate people going after his mother.  
Rudy seems to have a natural instinct to protect those smaller than he, and may have a bit of a big brother complex.  He also gets along swimmingly with most animals and has a curious nature, and has an unexpected love for singing and dancing.  

Backstory:  Rudy's mother, Daisy, is one of those Fae that so enjoyed being young and promiscuous that she never grew out of that phase.  As a full-blooded Tarandin, her aging is slow, and she appears to be no more than eighteen or nineteen.
Rudy grew up constantly hopping the border twixt Arcadia and the human realm, favoring the bordertowns.  He came to Lakeshore just recently, to join his mother after she accepted a job at Dunehelden.  

Appearance:  Rudy is not yet fully grown, and stands at 6'1” with plenty of room to grow.  As a Tarandin he grows seasonal antlers, but since he is young they don't sprout very large.  He has a muscular build, designed for athleticism making use of both strength and speed, and would hold his own in a fight against most physical opponents.  He has black hair (that is surprisingly soft,) bold brows, and black eyes that seem to be made for death-glares, though they crinkle when he smiles.  He's quite handsome, much to his mother's amusement; he has a cute nose (which he is not happy about,) tanned skin and a defined jawline, with ears gauged to about a size 10.  

Character Model:  Jeon Jungkook

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