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Player Name:  Keme

Name:  Aghaveagh ((“ay-ah-vay”.  Not "agave," Blaise.))
Age:  20
Grade and/or Occupation:  University Junior.  He hasn't outright told anyone where he works, but he's on call quite a bit, works odd hours, and makes plenty of money.  He tends to twist his answers to make it sound like he's a callboy of some sort, because it amuses him.  In truth, he's a model.  Because of course he is.
Species:  ehh... a Nymph?  Fae mix.
Race/Ethnicity:  Heh.
Gender:  male
Sexual Orientation:  Fluid/fluid

Magical Powers/Abilities:  Agh's magic gives him the ability to manipulate pheromones and use pollen to invoke powers of mental suggestion.  He can alter his scent to most appeal to the target of his choosing.  He can also manipulate plants, vines and stems specifically.  Oddly enough he has no influence over flowers that have bloomed.  (Think thorns instead of petals.)
Magical Weaknesses:  Agh's powers (save for the scent manipulation) have no effect on virgins.  Stop laughing.  ((If he really has his heart set on manipulating someone he has other, nonmagical talents he can fall back on.))

Personality:  Aghaveagh is... well, he's certainly not unpleasant.  Quite the opposite.  He's polite, and charismatic, and calm, and when he loses his temper he gets more polite, and more charismatic, and more calm, which is absolutely terrifying.  He's an artistic young man who has an eye for every form of beauty, and can sniff out kinks and romantic quirks like nobody's business.  He seems to have a soft spot for those with shy dispositions and likes to ease people out of their shell.  He also has a bit of an oral fixation, and tends to nibble on his fingertips and lower lip whenever he's left to idle.  His disposition is catlike, and he is easily satiated by pets. Seriously, if he's angry or stressed or even just bored, having someone play with his hair will immediately make his day.  He tries to be charming and composed with his laugh, because if you get him laughing hard enough he's been known to snort.

Backstory:  Aghaveagh's mother was the notorious Doyenne Belladonna, Dryadic Fae noble turned master theif, whose preferred targets included ancient artifacts and totems of dark, wild magic.  Aghaveagh's other mother was the equally notoriousbutfordifferentreasons Lady Aurnia, a succubus who lived to create scandals by working her way through the bedrooms of the aristocracy, both Human and Fae.  Their names are synonymous with ruin and mischief in certain social circles, and when Aghaveagh was born his mothers were ecstatic to have a tiny gorgeous minion to love and care for and raise to be an absolute menace of seduction.  
Aghaveagh took his primary schooling in Arcadia.  His university years have all been in Lakeshore.
Aghaveagh is currently banned from having roommates.  For reasons.

Appearance:  This boy's eyes.  Soulful to death and blacker than black and books of poetry have been written about this child's stare.  (Seriously, go check the bookshop for Thorn in My Heart.)  He has full lips and delicately pointed ears and a long nose bridge and a sharply angled jaw and if you look up “distracting” in the dictionary you will find Agh's headshot with little hearts drawn around it.  He stands at just under six feet even and has a build that implies athletic talent without being bulky.  His collarbones are a fucking work of art.  He speaks with a deep southern-belle drawl and he's... He's very attractive, you guys.
Character Model:  Lee Jaehwan

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