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Post by Jaebi Lyckander on Tue Sep 29, 2015 10:59 pm

Player Name: Keme

Name: Jaebi Lyckander
Age:  17
Grade and/or Occupation:  Academy Junior, works at the Magic Bean
Species:  Changeling
Race/Ethnicity:  half Korean, half Swedish (white European)
Gender:  male
Sexual Orientation:  Heterosexual, as far as he knows.  Possibly panromantic.

Magical Powers/Abilities:  Jaebi no longer feels physical pain.  He has superhuman reflexes and posses the speed and maneuverability of a cheetah at full throttle.  He is also quite strong, but that's due to his physical form rather than his magic.
Magical Weaknesses:  Because he does not feel pain, Jaebi is incapable of noticing he has suffered injury or needs medical attention unless he physically sees the injury.  In addition he tends to wear himself out quite quickly, due to his berserker nature, and has a difficult time differentiating twixt friend and foe when he's lost his temper.  Jaebi goes hard, and it's hell on his body.  

Personality:  Jaebi has a split personality-- on one hand he is shy and cautious, on the other feral and volatile.  Jaebi has an innate love for music, and though he is incapable of human speech he has put much time and effort into learning a handful of instruments, including the piano and guitar.  He has a tendency to focus completely on current activities, often forgetting to eat or sleep in lieu of tuning or running or sculpting.  (He quite likes sculpting with clay or wax, and has quite a knack for creating delicate figures with his large hands.)  Despite having a trigger temper and a violent case of claustrophobia, Jaebi has a sweet nature and responds to playful with playful.  

He is most certainly nervous about meeting new people, though once he's grown fond of someone, or at least used to them, he's much more likely to open up and play around.  He seems to be especially hesitant to act out around girls, specifically girls that seem delicate in some way.  He's constantly afraid of hurting someone, either from innocent roughhousing or from going berserk.

Backstory:  Jaebi remembers everything from Before-- parents divorced and living on separate continents, a vivacious half sister in Korea whose eyes would sparkle when she ran to hug him at the airport, loving friends who attended every single one of his choir performances...

In contrast, Jaebi's memories of his imprisonment are a blur of pain and high pitched, grating voices.  Swaths of red and black and glinting black eyes are the things he sees in his nightmares.  His captors never showed their full faces, always sporting moss-tinged surgical masks and oversized industrial goggles with broken or missing lenses.  They poked and prodded and chanted, playing with the feral parts of Jaebi's mind and the darker parts of his psyche as if they were toying with him.  As if he was a science experiment.  When Jaebi was able to learn to fight back, they etched spell scripts into his skin, lining his limbs and spine so they could puppeteer him with their spells.  When Jaebi started recognizing the archaic words with with they summoned their magic and dared to shout them out, hoping to break free, his captors stole his human voice and replaced it with the vocalizations of his feral self so that he could not defy them.  Jaebi's feral mind and human mind developed into two separate entities, each equal parts dependent upon and utterly despising the other.

Then one day, they let him go.  Jaebi was simply released, blinking and shivering into the dazzling sunlight and overwhelming noise of his home town.

Fifty years after his capture.

Unaged but forgotten by the people he called home, Jaebi began to wander.  That's when he found Lakeshore.

Appearance:  Though he naturally stands with his shoulders slumped, were he to stand upright Jaebi reaches six feet eight inches in height.  His tattooed skin is etched with scars, both from his captor's tools and his own teeth and nails.  His skin is a dusky tone, tanned from his penchant for napping and running outside in the sun.  His hair is a patchwork of shades of brown, and his sharp eyes are a light, mossy grey-brown color.  His body hints strongly at his feral nature, with broad shoulders, long limbs, a svelte waist and high cheekbones, and many double joints.  He's built like a whip handle, but is on the thin side from constantly forgetting meals.  

Character Model: Kim Jonghyun
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