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Post by Mollie Geist on Sun Nov 08, 2015 12:28 am

Player Name:  Vi

Name: Mollie Geist
Age: 15
Grade and/or Occupation: Freshman in Academy
Species: Mage
Race/Ethnicity: White/German
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Unsure

Magical Powers/Abilities: She can see any living things aura that she calls their "color". If it’s an organic living thing she can see the aura in it. An aura will change when a person is at an emotional extreme or ill. She can also attach her own aura to inanimate object allowing her to control/move them. Mollie can see the outline of her own aura but it does not affect her ability to see the auras of others. Also, if two people become very closely bonded, ie: begin dating or kindred spirits, their auras may begin to mirror each other in color or pattern. She can only see the auras in a vague shape. Like she can tell a monkey shape from a human shape but she cannot tell genders or facial expressions just by looking at the aura. She can decipher some body language.
Magical Weaknesses: Mollie is blind so the only things she can see are the auras of living things. Needless to say things like walls and stairs are her enemies. She can see auras through walls just depending on the thickness of the object separating her from the person she is looking at the aura will vary in opacity and brightness. She can only attach her aura to an inanimate/non living object. She must touch it to attach her aura and she can only move it within a 15 to 20 foot radius from her. Right now she can only attach her aura to one or two things at a time. If she attaches to two items at once she can't stand to do it as long as if she was just attached to one. Also, (at this point) she can only attach to items that she has a close or emotional connection with, ie: her stuffed animals, walking stick.  

Personality: Mollie is usually quiet and shy. She is friendly and kind by nature she can just be a little odd. Since she has never been able to see except for auras which she perceives as normal she can have trouble expressing herself. Also, since she was bullied often as a child she has a tendency to keep to herself and usually won’t start a conversation unless she is in need of assistance or has a burning question.
She can be very touch oriented, especially when she is talking to someone. Her preference is to be able to touch the person’s face that she is speaking with so she is able to “see” what their expressions are while they talk; but she will settle for touching their throat, chest, arm or whatever they are most comfortable with. She hates being surrounded by things that she can’t see, so being tapped in a room with no way to the outside and with no auras for her to draw reference from can cause her to panic. Also on the other side of the spectrum if she is surrounded by a sea of people to the point where she can’t differentiate auras she can get very confused and panicky.  

Backstory: Mollie was born in a German hospital. Her mother was came in seeking emergency attention and ended up dying during the procedure. The doctors then had to rush against the clock to save the yet unborn Mollie. Her mother had no form of identification on her and her father or other family never came forward to take her so she became a ward of the government, to be raised in orphanages.
She became quite a puzzling case for doctors and for her future guardians because of her eye sight problem. How was she able to determine where a person or animal was in a room without them verbally letting her know of their whereabouts yet she would walk into walls and would have to feel around for toys, chairs and the like. This also made her a prime subject for bullying by the other orphaned children. The only real possession Mollie was able to call “hers” as a child was a black cat stuffed animal that was given to her by a nice doctor during one of her visits to the hospital. She named her stuffed cat “Boshaft” and she would never go anywhere without him. The other children would try to snatch him (Boshaft) from her often and sometimes would succeed and once they even went so far as to rip his head off. Thankfully, one of the Nannies, Miss Zimmerman, would always sew him up at patch him back to as good as new as she could.
Mollie just learned over time to not draw attention to herself and became accustomed to “Playing blind” when she was out in public. She learned how to use a walking stick, even though she does not like it. She prefers to use her hands to find her way around; it makes the world she can’t see be more real to her. She really enjoyed learning English and Literature in school and was able to go to the USA for a month.
She was eventually put into a different orphanage and one of the workers there had a tiny bit of Fae in him and was able to help her apply to go to school at Dunehelden.

Appearance: Mollie stands at about 5 foot even. She is rather thin and can’t weigh more than 100lbs soaking wet. She has long black wavy hair that comes down to around her lower back and bangs that often fall in her face and around her eyes.  Her eyes would have been a lovely shade of green but are milky because of her ability. A hint of green can still be seen if someone would look closely enough but at a glance they just look like they are glazed over with milky white. Her skin is more on the pale side but if she stays outside long enough she can get a light tan but she would still be considered on the “fair” side. She has a warmer yellow undertone to her skin and her lips naturally have a peach pigment to them.

Character Model: none

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