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Post by Abaddon Talbot on Thu Nov 05, 2015 9:46 pm

Player Name:  Vi

Name:  Abaddon Talbot
Age: 16
Grade and/or Occupation: Sophomore in Accademy. Currently unemployed
Species:Kindred to leanan sidhe. His mother was a muse and his father part fae.
Race/Ethnicity: Korean
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Magical Powers/Abilities: He has the ability to enter into people's dreams and can alter them as well. The dreamer must be asleep and it's easiest for him to do at night or if the dreamer is in very deep sleep. His appearance alters when he is in the dream (his skin becomes a dark grey in tone, he has bone like spines along the highest points on his cheek bones, and has twisted tree branch looking horns.) He can alter a dream for the better or make it a nightmare, whichever he prefers.
Magical Weaknesses: He cannot invade a dream during the brightest points in the day and being in contact with the sun during this time of day makes him dizzy and sometimes ill. He is normally very sneaky with observing or altering dreams but if the dreamer knows he is there the dreamer can force him out.

Personality: Abaddon is very playful and curious. Although, at times his form of playfulness is often misinterpreted as mean He is not one to jump into a fight. He is more of a person to observe from the side lines at first. He is usually a very self centered person and is not very charitable. He would need a good reason to go out of his way for anyone. Even with all of his flaws he is a genuinely friendly person. He's not out to make enemies and would really prefer to just have a good time. That just depends on if you agree with his idea of a "good time".

Backstory:His mother was a muse and his father a fae of the leanan sidhe. He was mostly raised by his father and relatives of that side of the family, probably producing his slightly mischevious personality. He hadn't realy ventured too far away from his home until he saw Bolin steal back a girl from a collection of one of his family members. He had been watching the girl's dreams rather closely and was interested in the girl as well as to what exactly Bolin was doing, so he followed along. He ended up in Lakeshore and decided to go to Dunehelden not long after.

Appearance: Abaddon is just a hair shy of six feet tall with a bit more to grow. He has lean muscle build and is meant more for speed then for brute force. His eyes are a dark green almost to the point of being black like his hair. His skin is on the pale side but not sickly looking. He has a jaw line carved by the gift of the gods and his cheek bones are glorious.
Character Model: Han Sang Hyuk from Vixx
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