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Odol Xhyl (Drunken Loa --Keme) Empty Odol Xhyl (Drunken Loa --Keme)

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Player Name:  Keme

Name:  Odol Xhyl
Age:  20
Grade and/or Occupation:  University Junior, works at the Drunken Loa.
Species:  Wakeling, an Old World Vulture Fae commonly believed to be descended from the Bean Sidhe.  (Reminiscent of the Lammergeier or bearded vulture.)
Race/Ethnicity:  come on, now...
Gender:  male
Sexual Orientation:  Polysexual, biromantic (favoring females.)

Magical Powers/Abilities:  Odol is a perfect soldier-- resilient, efficient, and predatory.  He has the ability to project an aura of such ferocity that it incites crippling fear in whoever Odol is focusing on.  The target becomes panicked and restless with mild exposure; prolonged eye contact drives the effects of his aura to dangerous levels.  There have been two separate instances where Odol has killed with this aura alone, triggering a heart failure in one case and asphyxiation via hyperventilation in the other.  Odol hasn't yet learned to keep this ability under wraps, and has a bad habit of letting it get out of control when he's in a rage.
Magical Weaknesses:  Odol is unable to see through glamour-- a head injury sustained when he was beaten down by the other Wakelings caused brain damage that resulted in both the loss of his ability to recognize glamour and the exacerbation of his notoriously short temper.  

Personality:  Odol is inquisitive and playful, and more than a little bit rowdy-- he tends to have trouble gauging his own strength and has hurt people on accident more than once.  He puts up a front of being cold and vicious, but he gets very anxious at the prospect of disappointing his family.  He has a hair-trigger temper and a knack for sarcasm, and though he comes off as abrasive and aggressive he has a nigh-insatiable curiosity and a wide range of interests.  He loves to learn, and loves to watch people work at their favorite pastimes, be it cooking or sketching or sewing.  The quickest way to earn his trust is to teach him something new.
He's capable of being surprisingly sweet and caring, even though he tries his hardest to keep it on the DL.

Backstory:  The Wakelings are spectres of death.  Odol is totally cool with having the reputation, save for the whole killing on command thing.  He loves delicious bone marrow as much as the next vulture man, but has a huge problem with taking a life without reason.  This proved to be an issue for the Wakelings, and when Odol did not follow orders, he was beaten, his wings broken, and he was left for dead at the borders of Arcadia.  Auntie Tulip found him on one of her trips out of Lakeshore-- when she brought him back to the Roost, she demanded that Ezem look after him.  Ezem took him on as his brother readily.  The stigma surrounding Wakelings meant that the two of them were generally avoided by their peers, so it was nice to have someone to lean on.  
And then there was a Romi.  Odol wasn't sure how to handle having a non-vulture companion at first.  By now he's grown quite fond of her, and is equally as protective of her as his brother.  

Appearance:  Odol is 6'7” and built like a whip handle, all lean muscles and long limbs.  He's fully capable of ripping limbs out of socket and will gladly demonstrate for anyone dumb enough to cause trouble at the Loa.  His hooded eyes are permanently rimmed with red, as are his nail beds, and his skin is covered in tattoos.  His hair is snow-white and kinda crazy; he keeps it short, but otherwise lets it do what it wants.  He has a long face with a mouth that's naturally inclined to smirk and is quick to laugh.  The last joint on his right pinkie finger is missing.  His wings are much lighter in color than Ezem's, black and grey at the top and cream at the bottom, though his feathers are tinted with a rusty color-- both the inner and outer wings follow this pattern.  His wingspan bests Ezem's by three feet.  
Odol smells like blood and dried leaves, with hints of something like pine.  
Character Model:  Kim Wonshik (Ravi)
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