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Post by Hitoshi Gilespi on Tue Sep 29, 2015 9:42 pm

Player Name: Bre

Name: Hitoshi Gilespi
Age: 16
Grade/Occupation: High School Junior
Species: Human
Race/Ethnicity: Japanese and Romani
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Demisexual/Gay

Magical Powers/Abilities: Hitoshi is a normal human, but over the years has honed an ability to use the magic of Arcadia for his own purposes. He is still learning what he can and can't do with it. He can do simple tricks of magic, such as lighting candles or moving small objects; he can sense people or things not very far away; he can sense and manipulate the currents of magic on a rudimentary level. In addition, Hitoshi makes an active effort to study any and all information about the True Fae he can find, particularly their individual weaknesses.
Magical Weaknesses: Hitoshi has all the physical and magical weaknesses of a normal human. In addition, the effort involved in directing the chaotic and wild magic of Arcadia rapidly tires Hitoshi out, and is not something that he can sustain for long periods of time, though he practices it regularly in effort to increase his tolerance for that magic. The magic of Arcadia is also wild and unpredictable and not something humans were meant to hold inside themselves, so it can often take a strong mental and emotional toll on Hitoshi as well. And while not a magically weakness, Hitoshi suffers from moderate claustrophobia.

Personality: Hitoshi is ruthless, driven to the point of being obsessive, shrewd, arrogant, and prone to holding grudges. He has a dry, sarcastic kind of wit. He seldom lets others close to him but is fearlessly loyal to his family and those rare few he calls friends. Hitoshi also has a love of cooking that many find odd from him.

Backstory: Though Hitoshi is fully human, Hitoshi has lived in Lakeshore since he was two, and has therefore known almost nothing else in his life. His mother was very young when she had him and his twin sister, who were the children of a summer fling with a man Hitoshi has never met and doesn't know the name of. They grew up comfortable and happy, and Hitoshi was very close to his mother, who taught him to cook and to channel the magic of Arcadia.

But when Hitoshi was twelve, something happened, something terrible: Hitoshi and his sister woke up one morning and there mother wasn't there. There was no note, no explanation, not a single trace of where she might have gone.  No one had seen her. The only possible explanation they could think of was that she had wandered into Arcadia... or been dragged there by something else. And though even many of the Fae of Lakeshore searched for her, none of them could track her down. It was as if she simply vanished into thin air.

Ever since her disappearance, Hitoshi became withdrawn, obsessed with learning to control the magic of Arcadia. He was determined that if only he could only make it through Arcadia, if he could only control it, that he could find her and bring her home.

Appearance: Hitoshi is short and thin, standing about 5'4", and with a medium complexion and long brown-black hair that reaches a few inches past his shoulders, and has often been described as having a feminine appearance. He tends to dress in dark, neutral colors and favors clothing with asymmetrical lines.
Character Model: Lee Jung Shin
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Full Name: Hitoshi Gilespi
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