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Post by Lhachlhass on Tue Sep 29, 2015 9:30 pm

Player Name: Gussu

Name: Lhachlhass
Age: 16
Species: Fae
Race/Ethnicity: (or apparent race/ethnicity) Caucasian
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Luken, also hunting. And Luken and hunting, together.

Magical Powers/Abilities: Tracking, if Lhachlhass has something of someones whether that be something like a piece of hair or some item that belongs to his prey he can always find them.
Magical Weaknesses: Lhachlhass can't turn down a game or a wager.

Personality: Lhachlhass is about is stable as a bag of rabid ferrets. He loves games and he loves to win. He can tends towards cruelty if left unchecked though he is not necessarily malevolent by nature. He is chaotic and follows his own whims which can be disastrous for those around him at times. He also has an unfortunate habit of climbing through windows and claiming that he may not enter a place without permission, a condition that only seems to affect him when he remembers it.

Backstory: Lhachlhass claims to be a Fae Prince. He is certainly a Fae, there is that. But the prince part seems unlikely as he wandered his happy ass into school a week after the semester had started caked in mud and possibly other things with nothing but his tattered dirty clothes. He has a younger brother, Korlian, who also attends the school and seems far more civilized, but no one really knows much about the two.

Appearance: Lhachlhass is short, 5'5", and pale like marble. Instead of pink and red hues he has blue undertones. He has strawberry blond-reddish long hair that looks like its never seen a brush. His eyes are wide and almond shaped, they are a bright shade of orange that seems to almost glow. His canine teeth are sharp. He is thin and has a stringy sort of muscle definition.


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